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Sarah O

“The BEST Decision I Ever Made”

One of the best decisions I have ever made was deciding to work with Jennifer in her 1 on 1 six month program!

I was connected to Jennifer through a mutual friend and I knew from the first time we talked that I was meant to cross paths with her. She is a fantastic life coach who helps empower women to see their true worth. Last July I started my sessions with her and at the time I wasn’t for sure how it was all going to work but I had complete trust in her.

My life was good. I had a great husband, a son who I adored, enjoyed my job, had great friends and family but there has always been something missing. I have always done everything for everyone else and put me to the side. I knew it was time to see what more there was for me out there. I had no idea how important the self care, self love and self discovery would be on this journey of finding myself and what I wanted out of life.

I knew going into this that I had to be one hundred percent real and honest and put in the work for this to truly help me. I stayed true to that and I know that is what helped me be where I am at today. I loved that Jennifer doesn’t sugar coat anything and tells you what you need to hear at the moment. There were moments and exercises that were extremely difficult but those were the ones I learned the most from. I did a forgiveness exercise that was extremely difficult but it was the most rewarding experience after I completed it. It was a game changer for me and I learned how important it is to forgive and it allowed me to move on.

Another exercise that was important to me was the mirror work. It wasn’t easy at first but I was able to get to a point where I could stand in front of a mirror and say I love you to myself. I never could have done that before working with Jennifer. I learned so much about myself and how many fears and beliefs were limiting me from succeeding. We got all of the junk to come up to the surface and addressed it all.

I will forever be grateful for Jennifer taking me on as a client and working with me. I now can say that I love myself, I believe in myself, I can do anything I put my mind to and I see limitless possibilities for me. It is so important to find your worth and by doing that and loving yourself then fantastic things start happening. Your mindset changes and you can start living the life you deserve. Jennifer is fantastic and I recommend her to anyone who is wanting to make a change and empower their life. You won’t be disappointed!”

Sarah O.

Suzanne Tulien

“Jennifer Lonnberg Walks Her Talk!”

“Jennifer Lonnberg walks her talk. She is highly congruent with her business name as she ‘embodies grace’ like none other I’ve experienced. Her presentations are highly visceral, clarifying, and experiential. She is able to quickly get right to the core of her topic, pull in the audience with stories and examples, and get them to experience solutions right on the spot.

You can truly feel her authenticity and deep level of nurturing she expresses to her clients and audiences. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of her conference and learning from Jennifer some things she helped all of us ‘re-member’ and release so that we could get out of our own way towards continued success!”

Suzanne Tulien, Brand Elevation Enthusiast, International Speaker, Author, Consultant


“I Became MORE”

I just want to give a shout-out to the wonderful, Embodied Grace Community by Jennifer Lonnberg, Let’s Get Spiritual, and Jennifer Lonnberg!

If it hadn’t been for Jennifer and the Embodied Grace Community, I’m certain 2019 would have massively sucked! I was in a bad place January 2019, felt like giving up on any and everything that I wanted for myself because it just wasn’t going to happen for various reasons, one being that I didn’t feel worthy of my own goals and successes. I was just supposed to give over all of myself to being a mom, wife, and caregiver to my aging mom and forget about me…completely.

To say that totally depressed me, and made me feel guilty for wanting more from my life because by all accounts I had the dream life. There’s nothing wrong with being just mom, wife, and caregiver, but that wasn’t all I wanted out of life. I had dreams, aspirations beyond that but my guilt and self-loathing for wanting more held me back and quite frankly made me miserable.

That is until I happened upon a book from Jennifer Lonnberg. I’m not even sure how it ended up on my Kindle, but it was there as I sat in an incredibly uncomfortable chair in the hospital beside my mom’s bed as she was being treated for chronic heart failure. That in and of itself made me feel guilty for my thoughts of wanting more for my life. Sitting there reading her book, tears streamed down my face and a massive wave of relief washed over me as I realized that someone else “gets” it and there was hope out there.

What happened next blew my mind away…mom got better, and a few days later a p
ublisher emailed me (after years of querying literary agents and publishers) wanting to publish my book and series.A couple days later, a literary agent contacted me asking if she could represent me. A few months later, my debut novel, Rekindled Prophecy, was released and now we’re looking to get the second book in the series out soon.

What changed? My attitude. My thoughts. My beliefs in my myself and my self-worth. And all along the way I had the EG Community to support me.And you know what else? I didn’t become less of a mom, less of a wife, less of a caregiver for my mom. If anything, I became more. More worthy of being a positive example to my children that they can reach for their dreams, and not to fall into the “I am not worthy” trap.

Thank you Jennifer Lonnberg and thank you Embodied Grace Community.”


Christen Resmo

Okay! Wow.

I did the exercise you gave me and wrote out all of my emotions, burned it, cried, listened to music, and asked my angels to show me EVERYTHING! I got such a clear and beautiful sense of the massive amount of good that we did. I was able to fully see how we changed the course of a person’s life forever and how very immense this really is. I was able to release guilt (thinking I could have done “better” or “ give more”). I feel I can move on now into this new space, and was finally able to flush out the feeling of “not enoughness”. And I was able to forgive myself – which came up HUGE. Thank you thank you thank you.
I feel you have helped me alter the course of my own life in a profound way.” – Big love, Christen

Christen Resmo of www.christenresmo.com

Kristen is a Spirit Medium, who connects loved ones here with those in spirit to help heal their hearts. Mindfulness Mentor who works with career minded people to help them understand the role of energy to help bring harmony to work and home.

Kristen Hemstad of kristenmh.com

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