Returning to Simplicity – Channeled Message 11-5-18

As I begin to sit down to channel this message I feel directed to write in my notebook with Green. I usually use a purple or blue pen, but my guides are saying green = healing | earth | heart chakra

We are being asked to be active in “releasing the healing power of the Divine”.

Our power lies in prayer, manifestation and direction of thought.

Earlier today I got a vision of a pond that turns over… it’s like all of the junk, sludge and nasty gunk comes to the top of the pond to be filtered – cleared away – released – healed…This is a process that is necessary for the health of the pond. And with this vision I kept hearing it is always darkest before the dawn. I feel like my guides are trying to show me that sometimes things may look “bad” but it’s doesn’t necessarily mean it is what it looks like.

Something my guides have been repeating to me lately is :

“ancient wisdom” and “getting back to basics”

I haven’t been completely clear on how this is connected but again today that message came up and it’s about enjoying the present moment.  “Being in the now.”  Even as I’m getting this message I am feeling my own frustration build because I feel like this isn’t a “big enough message, and there aren’t enough details” and my guides tell me “LET GO.”

So I took a deep breath and surrendered to the moment and this message channeled through very clearly:

In ancient times people had to work together as a community to survive and thrive. The beauty of this was the connection of the human souls through love and care for each other. People are too hyper-focused on outside influences at this time. Going back to ancient wisdom and connectedness will benefit the collective greatly. If each one person can begin to connect to the task at hand it will begin to rebuild the connectedness to all that is. (here they are showing me cooking and enjoying the process…I’ll explain more in the video) 

A great event will/may happen to awaken the collective just as a great event awakes those close to it. (here they gave me the example of my own daughter being in the hospital or a family experiencing a tragedy…in that moment you can only be “in it” because nothing else matters…again I’ll explain in the video)

The time has come to awaken to the simple beauty of life itself. Open your heart to the Universe. Open your heart to your neighbor. Open your heart to your family. Open your heart to nature. Open your heart to the Divine. You are being guided and directed and you will get through this if you focus on love!

Check out today’s video for a more information on today’s channeled message!

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