Group Chat About Being a Christian Psychic

I am Christian Psychic!

I grew up in church and I LOVE church, but I can remember being afraid of being psychic and so I tried to squash it down. But all that did was create a life of anxiety and stress and make me feel like I couldn’t be me. From the outside looking in, it looked like a great life! The American dream…

Inside me something was missing, and I didn’t even know why I couldn’t be happier and why I didn’t feel fulfilled. I began my own journey of self-discovery. I read ALL THE BOOKS!

One week at bible study the session was on “generational sin” and it hit me that my personal struggle was a generational pattern of negative thinking.

Personal Chat about being Christian and Psychic
I was missing the mark when it came to life. I had a negativity paradigm playing out in my life. Nothing was ever good enough.

  • The house was never clean enough
  • I was never a good enough mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend…
  • I didn’t DO enough

Never enough was the theme.

We had a generational pattern… of not being happy. A pattern of complaining. A pattern of nothing ever being good enough. I put all of the pieces of the things I’ve learned (while still trying to not really be me)… but as I’ve told my kids :

If you and God are good nothing else matters.

I had to accept this fact that I have a “GIFT” not a curse. I had to really learn to accept me…. Myself… I had to learn to love myself exactly as I was.

If you’re struggling with Self-Acceptance, know that you’re not alone. Join the Embodied Grace Facebook Community to be among like-minded souls!

Till next time~

Jennifer Lonnberg

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Christian Psychic Jennifer Lonnberg asks … What if?

What if…. We love people and let Jesus do the rest.


I just finished up a weekend at the Tucson Festival of books and for the most part it was AMAZING!  But I have a final thought that pretty well sums up the entire weekend:

What if…. We love people and let Jesus do the rest.

What if we simply lead with love.  What if we show people that no matter what their status, circumstance or position, that they matter.  What if we were all simply just loving.  What if we truly acted like Jesus and accepted everyone?

I have to tell you that I had the most loving experiences this

  • I had one an amazing experience with a woman who had recently lost her husband and shared her story with me and allowed me to just hug her and give her love. I have NO idea her religious affiliation and I honestly don’t care.  She needed to know that someone cared that she was hurting.
  • I had another woman who prayed for me so vehemently that I know the power of God was working through her. The interesting thing about her was that I had texted my mom minutes before asking her to pray for me because I just felt like I needed prayer. I didn’t really know why or what for…but I wanted someone to pray for me…with in 15 minutes this woman who was full of JOY showed up and visited with me expressed that she was from a Christian family, evangelistic father, etc. and I told her I’d be happy if she would pray for me…I expected for her to say something along the lines of “of course sweetie, I’ll pray for you…and for her to maybe remember to pray for me before she went to bed.”  What I did not expect was for her to say “Of course! Let’s go over here and we’ll pray!”  She prayed, we talked, I mentioned one of my favorite Hymns was “It is well with my soul”… she said that was the hymn that was at her mother’s funeral…. and we actually SANG.  We sang a Christian hymn right then and there in public not caring who was watching.
  • I had a man and his wife who has a heart for Jesus that had some interesting things happening and was looking for direction and guidance about it. I was able to share with him that Jesus and the Angels are in fact real, that they do in fact want to help us in our daily life and that things beyond our comprehension can happen. Miracles. Psychic phenomenon.  Visions. Whispers from the Holy Spirit.
  • Another woman had lost her mother. She had felt like her mother had “visited” her in spirit and was helping her to get the new job she was applying for. This woman was Christian so she was unsure how to deal with what she thought was happening.  “Christians” didn’t understand and were afraid to talk with her about it and she felt uncomfortable seeking help from her Christian friends. I was able to tell her that our family doesn’t leave us, they transition in to heaven and that feeling like her mother was around was proof that love is able to cross all barriers…even the physical to spiritual plane.
  • I was able to help someone understand that spiritual warfare is real and to use discernment and to always pray for Jesus to lead and protect them.
  • I was able to do some healing work with someone who was struggling to understand that he has great purpose even if he doesn’t know exactly what that is right in this moment.
  • I was able to hug a woman who had a double mastectomy recently and give her love and pray for her healing.
  • I was able to confirm to some younger adults that Angels are real.

On top of all of this, I made some amazing connections and new friendships that I know will last beyond this weekend.  I saw how powerful love really is.

Now on the other side of this I was judged, condemned, rejected and basically told that I was evil…

I just have to ask:  Do you think anyone would want to follow your “religion” if you immediately reject and condemn them.  Why would anyone want to listen to someone who would judge them for simply being who they are?  What if they have never been to church or have never been introduced to a bible? What if they do not go to church because someone made them feel condemned before they ever even got there?

Christ consciousness, The Spirit of Christ, the call of the Holy Spirit, call it what you will but it is resurging.  It is time to understand what Jesus would have done and actually do that.  Take dogma and religion out of it and love like Jesus would.

Till next time~  Jennifer

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

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