Group Chat About Being a Christian Psychic

I am Christian Psychic!

I grew up in church and I LOVE church, but I can remember being afraid of being psychic and so I tried to squash it down. But all that did was create a life of anxiety and stress and make me feel like I couldn’t be me. From the outside looking in, it looked like a great life! The American dream…

Inside me something was missing, and I didn’t even know why I couldn’t be happier and why I didn’t feel fulfilled. I began my own journey of self-discovery. I read ALL THE BOOKS!

One week at bible study the session was on “generational sin” and it hit me that my personal struggle was a generational pattern of negative thinking.

Personal Chat about being Christian and Psychic
I was missing the mark when it came to life. I had a negativity paradigm playing out in my life. Nothing was ever good enough.

  • The house was never clean enough
  • I was never a good enough mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend…
  • I didn’t DO enough

Never enough was the theme.

We had a generational pattern… of not being happy. A pattern of complaining. A pattern of nothing ever being good enough. I put all of the pieces of the things I’ve learned (while still trying to not really be me)… but as I’ve told my kids :

If you and God are good nothing else matters.

I had to accept this fact that I have a “GIFT” not a curse. I had to really learn to accept me…. Myself… I had to learn to love myself exactly as I was.

If you’re struggling with Self-Acceptance, know that you’re not alone. Join the Embodied Grace Facebook Community to be among like-minded souls!

Till next time~

Jennifer Lonnberg

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