You Have Permission

This week I have been extremely sick. My hubby took me to urgent care Saturday evening and I ended up with antibiotics for a sinus and ear infection.

But let me back up a little bit…November all together has been a crazy run, run, run kind of month! It has been good but super busy, and a lot stressful! I had events that I had to drive to in snowing/freezing/icy weather…a trip that should have been 2 and half hours took over 5hrs, getting home was just as eventful…I had to stop halfway and get a hotel. And on top of that 2 days before the event, we found out my hubby was getting relocated for work! HAHA! SO in a snapshot here was my last two weeks:

  • nov 15 – find out hubby is getting relocated
  • nov 16 – drive 5hrs in snow to Bismarck ND
  • Nov 17 – AN AMAZING Bodylab USA Event in Bismarck …drove in the dark as far as Dickinson and got a hotel
  • Nov 18 – drove the rest of the way to Watford, winterized and packed up the fifth wheel (spent overnight in a hotel
  • Nov 19 – drove over 600 miles to get home for Thanksgiving week
  • Nov 20 – visited with family (Dinner at the Fort)
  • Nov 21 – family fun/ went to the Orchard for dinner, shopping and Christmas kick off
  • Nov 23 – family day (brothers/sisters/nieces/nephews…. and everyone is sick)
  • Nov 24 – hello Urgent Care! Sister and kiddos went in the morning, brother and sis-in-law and kiddos mid day and hubby took me at about 6:30pm
  • Nov 25 – lunch with our daughter before she went back to college, dinner with son and soon to be daughter-in-law before we left for Texas, last minute prep and safety check on pickup and camper before the road trip to Texas
  • Nov 26 – Over 500 miles (and we ordered pizza delivery – and it was wonderful)
  • Nov 27 – finished the 150 miles to our destination – set up the fifth wheel enough to sleep and function
  • Nov 28 – ramen and hallmark movies!!!

You really don’t need to know my itinerary and it won’t help you in any way to see what I had going on the last few days… BUT here’s the deal…The last few days have been stressful.  I haven’t had ideal conditions.  I know that life happens.  I am actually ok with everything that’s happened the last few days.  I’ve even enjoyed all the crazy! LOL

Yesterday, I gave myself permission to rest and relax and watch hallmark.  Was ramen noodles the very best thing that I could have eaten …probably not, but for the record- it tasted really good!  I gave myself permission to not be perfect, to be ok with what I had available, and to actually enjoy it.

The reason I want to share this with you is to give you permission to not be prefect! You have permission to

  • eat the cookie or chocolate cake
  • drink the glass of wine or hot toddy
  • stay in your robe till noon
  • cry if you need to
  • drink a soda because it feels good on your throat
    any other “bad” thing….that someone else says your shouldn’t do…
    because you don’t live that way…it isn’t a daily choice or habit… and it’s ok to not be perfect all the time.

When I used to help people with natural health and herbal supplements they would sometimes be so surprised to find out that I’m human! I eat French Fries and drink alcohol sometimes! Fast food happens once in awhile. It’s ok! You’re doing a good job! Do the best you can in each moment. I believe in 80/20. Eat right do all the “good stuff” MOST of the time but for the 20% just cut yourself a little slack… it’ll be ok. Life is too short to berate yourself over every misstep.

If someone is telling you what you “should” do, I’m telling you it’s ok to be where you are in this moment. It isn’t forever. This isn’t permanent. It’s ok. period.

Sending love and acceptance and reminding you that you are perfect just as you are!


 Jennifer Lonnberg

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