the present is being present

Hey all! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving weekend if you’re here in the US. I was snowed in for most of the weekend but we did have a nice Thanksgiving day and I made dinner for the crew that was here.I felt a BIG shift today… which seems weird…but also not (shrug)

My guides have been building a message this last few days and what I can tell you right now is that they are saying that the more we can be present and in the moment each day, the easier the month of December will be.

Hence the title ” the present (gift) is being present (in the moment )

As we move into 2020 we literally are moving into “unknown energy” so to keep yourself from “flight or fight” reactions practice being in the moment. I know that can sound cliche but there is something really powerful when you can learn to really be “all in” (your focus-attention-thoughts-feelings) in the current task at hand, situation, or experience.For example, if you’re going to the movie, truly appreciate the movie, the experience… turn your phone off.. be all in. Don’t extend your focus to worry on what you need to do after the movie, or what you “should have done” before you went to the movie, just be “in it.” Be intentional in all that you do. This does go with the theme they’ve been giving us the last few months about really learning to be heart led, be intentional, and enjoying the small things.I feel I need to reiterate what they are saying about 5D and all the “hype” that it is getting … remember the 3D reality will still be around you… you’ll still have to do dishes, laundry, go to work, service the car, etc etc etc…. but the way you “feel” about it is what changes when you’re in 5D vibration. The anxiety and worry dissipates when you’re able to hold the 5D vibration. This really is a time to know that

All is Well in Divine Truth.

I’ve seen quite a few astrology reports coming out for 2020-2024 and while it’s good to have a “weather forecast”- just like for me this weekend, I knew Friday that I needed to reschedule some appointments I had for Monday, because the weather that was coming in, and luckily I did reschedule for later in the week, because the roads were just barely opening this morning…and some were still closed this afternoon… It’s good to have an idea of what is coming, so that you can be sure to put your coat in the car so to speak, BUT the most important thing coming up in the next few years is to stay centered and not fall into the “fear trap”…. I keep hearing fear is an illusion and to some extent we all know that , but also we’re human, so we do experience it…however can you take a step back and analyze the fear that you’re feeling? Be sure to take stock of whether or not the emotional reaction is congruent to the fear that you’re having…. HAHAHA I just heard the song lyrics”everything’s gonna be alright” and I’m hearing the country version by David Lee Murphy and Kenny Chesney, but when I looked up the lyrics to see what my guides were wanting me to see these lyrics popped up:

I know it’s strange and hard to grasp

The fact that we can’t understand

The meaning of this life

Sometimes it’s hard to find,

But if we learn to look between the lines

I think that if we open our eyes

We’re gonna see the sunrise

which is by Mike Mains and the Branches… not really my genre of music ! LOL But the lyrics are fantastic! SO whether you listen to Bob Marley or Country music or Al Green, pop, Regge, or Gospel… there is a song about “everything is going to be alright” in almost EVERY genre!!!! SO trust that it’s all going to be alright!

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