Seeing life through eyes of non-judgment

“The Celestials” is a group of high vibrational light beings channeled by Jennifer Lonnberg who are here to spread knowledge and awareness of Divine Truth, Spiritual Laws and above all LOVE.

Today we are coming to talk to you about non-judgment.  You are here on this planet to Experience.  All of the circumstances you encounter are choices, and within those choices you also choose how to respond or react.  There is no right or wrong, just experience. We wish to encourage you to begin to see life from eyes with non-judgment. Let go of trying to put your own ideas onto others and simply experience life your yourself. Experience relationships, families, food, nature, travel, and all that life on Earth has to offer.  Everyone can choose to experience life in the way they choose to experience.  We are here to guides those who want to raise their vibration to 5D level but also allow those who want to continue their 3D experience in that lower matrix as they wish.  Some are unaware of the spiritual truths and laws and do not understand that they have that choice, but it is not for us to force their eyes open.

Allow everyone to choose for themselves.

The more you focus within the more peace and abundance you will find. Be intentional with your choices for yourself.  Tune into Divine guidance and trust that we are here to guide those who want to go.

This message is all about allowing ourselves to move into higher vibration by letting go of judging everything around us and only focusing on what is right or wrong for you personally.  We are moving into new energy and everyone will experience this shift in one way or another.

Sending love,


and the Celestials


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