“Light Code Activation Bundle”

Details for this healing bundle :

~Light Code Activation Bundle~

This bundle consists of 3 meditation activations that are infused with Angelic Healing as well as Solfeggio frequencies.

Everything is Energy!

Everything is energy and this healing bundle is full of energy healing channeled from the Angels through Jennifer to help you with your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing.

Work with these divine healing activations and allow the angels to help you with Spiritual Advancement and light body activation


The Light Code Activation Bundle:


We’re being asked to step into higher frequencies to anchor in light codes and pave the way for 5D Earth. 

This bundle includes Galactic Healing in Combination with Solfeggio Frequencies

ONLY $33

How It Works


You get

3 meditations infused with a combination of Galactic Healing and Activations in combination with Solfeggio Frequencies

This is a trifecta of upgrade meditations!

Please do these in order working with each one for 7 days before moving on to the next one.

Crystalline DNA – Beautiful brilliant light concentrated in one cell at first and then as that cell is restructured it explodes in divine light. The beautiful light of the new cell will creates a chain reaction as the divine light cascades through every cell of your body.

Hara Line Meditation – Heal and upgrade your Hara line and rebalance your chakra energy to recalibrate your energy and allow the higher vibrations to radiate in and through you.

Light Code Activation – Activation Codes within your cells and DNA -light codes are angelic frequency and galactic frequencies that are more symbols or codes rather than languages . We all have Divine energy and “codes” within us… some are dormant and it’s time to “bring them online” or “turn them on.

These meditations bring activations and upgrades, and new opportunities for you to strengthen and expand health and abundance on all levels:

physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and on the galactic levels

Allow yourself to work with these changes slowly and gracefully. There is no rush.

Access to meditations to help you achieve the healthy lifestyle you crave.

About Me

Jennifer Lonnberg is a best selling author of multiple books including The Secret Experiences of a Closet Psychic & Embodied Grace: A Woman’s Path to Empowerment; and host of the Spiritual Living Podcast. She has devoted her life to helping people awaken to their spiritual selves and live a more conscious and fulfilling life. With a background in herbs and natural wellness, Jennifer has always had a deep passion for helping others, and she has spent the past several years sharing her insights and wisdom through her books, workshops, and coaching services.

“I help people navigate the language of frequency and vibration and learn to embrace their divine connection to the celestial realms, so that they can live a life of purpose and tap into their true potential. My coaching is a blend of spiritual guidance and life coaching which helps my clients embrace their own intuition and develop a deeper connection within themselves which cultivates a stronger confidence to create the change they are longing for.

The most critical thing that has contributed to my success as a Spiritual Life Coach is understanding the connection between our beliefs, our mindset, our body, and our spiritual essence; and how all of that coupled with our patterns, programs and paradigms determines our human experience. We must look at life from a “whole” perspective- including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and a galactic view- if we are to create change in our life.”

Jennifer Lonnberg