I’m posting this as “Pre-Work” for the 28 day Self Love Symposium because it also speaks to self worth, and self love.
Listen to this message and then journal about what comes up for you.
This deeper transformation of self love began for the collective in 2022 with a deeper theme of  Reconciliation within.
This is a deep restoration re-creation and reconciliation within ourselves particularly our soul self.
The key themes we will work with in this training are:
💞learning to go within
💞learning to love our self
💞learning that we actually create our own reality
💞learning that it’s OK for us to be exactly who we are
💞learning that it’s OK for us to want exactly what we want
💞learning that it’s OK to be different from everybody else
💞 learning that money is a direct reflection of investing in yourself. Meaning if you love yourself abundantly , abundance will show up in your life in all ways.
This isn’t a an ego driven self-love. This is a sacred self-love.
✨Knowing that you are a spiritual being created by the Divine.
✨Knowing that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.
✨Knowing that you are loved beyond anything you can imagine.
The words unconditional love can’t even do justice to how much you are loved by God.
It’s just up to you too accept it