Self Love Symposium Intro Introduction to Self Love Symposium

Welcome to the Self Love Symposium

You are here because you are being called to step into:
“A New Level Of  Love”
Part of this new level is understanding that in order to love others unconditionally
you must first learn to love yourself unconditionally
​The way to unconditionally loving ourselves is through:
💫Reconciliation (within ourself)
💫Restoration ​of the soul-self ​​​
💫Re-creating personal self worth​

Learning to love yourself is critical because it translates into how we love others.

I want to encourage you to be vulnerable with yourself throughout this 28 days 💞💞
Truly feel into and journal on each daily entry.
If you do this … then this 28 days will be transformational 💞✨
Make a commitment to yourself right now that you will complete this 28 day training.