Day 1


The place we need to start is understanding what self love is… and what it isn’t.
Listen to this recording and read this post for Day 1 :

As we’re being asked to uplevel into a deeper understanding of unconditional love, we have to also bring in self love. Because as my guides have said: Part of this new level is understanding that in order to love others unconditionally you must first learn to love yourself unconditionally.

Self love is:
Healthy boundaries
Positive self talk
Listening to your body (how if feels /what it needs)
Eating well (and allowing for “splurges”)
Accepting yourself as you are
Understanding and allowing yourself to feel emotions
Self awareness
Self discipline
Inner peace
Self love is not:
Talking negatively to yourself (nasty little mean girl)
Letting others take advantage and walk all over you
Pushing through when you’re exhausted
Judging yourself (or comparing)
Making yourself do things you don’t want to
Inner conflict

Your homework today is to journal about what you think/know/believe/wonder about self love.