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Self Love Symposium

~28 day self love symposium ~ On Jan 5th, 2022 I channeled a message about ” A new Level Of Unconditional Love” which played off of the solstice message that was about “unconditional love for the long haul”​​. From that channeled message this course was born. The overall theme as we move into 5D is :  self transformation and learning to love yourself truly, authentically, and unconditionally​​…. and understanding that in order to love others in this way, you must first learn to love yourself in this way. Through this course you will gain: Reconciliation (within yourself) Restoration ​of your soul-self ​​​ Re-creating your self worth​ Learning to love yourself is critical because it translates into how we love others…… (ya know the saying you can’t pour from an empty cup…. well it’s true) This is a 28 day container full of training, energy work/healing, and angelic attunements focused on: self care self awareness self confidence self love self nurturing self respect self improvement self transformation