Life is like a Roller Coaster

So of course I usually only share the hard stuff with my closest of friends…I mean we all do right? Who wants to see all the negative stuff in a social media post, the thing is… we’ve been talking about how it seems like we need to learn to get used to a new normal… the bad stuff seems sooo hard and the good stuff is great… it seems like the contrast between the two is getting more drastic.

The thing is … this roller coaster of the bigger contrast seems to be our new normal… ups and downs… I think that is why my group of guides “The Celestials” keep reminding us to be present. I just wrote a blog about this a few days ago: the present (gift) is being in the present (now moment)

Here’s what’s coming up today… I keep hearing that life is like a rollercoaster …and that made me think of the late 80s movie Parenthood…the one with Steve Martin, Mary Steenburgen (who I absolutely love! she’s a fun actress. I don’t know anything about her personally but she’s good in the roles she plays) and a young Keanu Reeves LOL! if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a watch…. anyway… the thing is.. there is a scene in the movie where the grandmother is saying what a thrill the roller coaster was.

Up down, up down It’s interesting to me that a ride could make me so frightened, so scared, so sick, so excited and so thrilled all together ~the grandma in parenthood

What’s she’s trying to convey is that life is like a roller coaster, and sometimes life is messy, and it can be ALL of the emotions… that’s kind of the idea right? To EXPERIENCE life and ALL that is has to offer. It’s not always going to be a rose garden. We will have bad weather, things that break down, arguments, frustrations, etc… But there is also Sunshine, Rainbows, snuggling in blankets, puppy dogs, good coffee, and chocolate cake! And most of all LOVE.

What if we could learn to enjoy all of it? The “bad” doesn’t have to be so bad, when you can realize that it’s all just experience. It’s all part of life.

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Till next time~

Jennifer Lonnberg

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