Let’s talk “Church”

Ok guys so I’m just going to get this out there… because as some of you already know, I’ve struggled with being Intuitive/Psychic/Prophetic my whole life. A few years ago when I was led to use the term “Christian Psychic” I knew it was going to ruffle some feathers. Here’s the thing, I generally get one of two reactions when people see this “title”.

Either they react with

“OMG You’re Going straight to HELL”


“Oh thank goodness because I have been having some of the strangest experiences and I don’t know who to talk to to help me understand what is happening!”

The thing is I’ve been almost to the point that I want to drop the “Christian” part because unfortunately I’m way more accepted by non-Christians than I am Christians (as a whole). What’s really come to my attention is how messed up and judgmental “the church” can be. Thank goodness that is NOT my experience with church. I’ve been lucky enough to (mostly) have loving people in the churches I have gone to. In my opinion Church is the community – the family – that you spend time with and learn about God. BUT God is not ONLY found in a church building.

I’ve helped so many people over the last 5 years heal from pain, hurts, trauma and self worth because of harm done by people who are “Christians” It’s completely heartbreaking to me because Jesus taught us to LOVE one another. There have been people who would never otherwise even remotely think about reading the Bible had it not been for me talking with them **WITHOUT JUDGEMENT**

The thing is we can’t even get along as Christians!! There are sooo many denominations and the denominations all think the other denomination is WRONG! And they all have their own rules and regulations and they all think they are right…

If you think I’m joking google a list of Christian Denominations

So I just want to let you know I am not going to remove “Christian” from who I am. I LOVE JESUS with all my heart. I LOVE GOD with all my heart and I LOVE YOU with all my heart!

I hope to be a good representation of how Jesus would show love to the world, and who I am doesn’t work for you, that is absolutely ok! Find your people, your tribe, your community. Spread love however and wherever you can. Buy the coffee for person behind you in Starbucks drive through, share a smile with someone at the grocery store, donate canned goods for the community food bank, do the good thing.

This video is from a few years ago but its still valid ….

If you’re struggling with Self-Acceptance, know that you’re not alone. Join the Embodied Grace Facebook Community to be among like-minded souls!

Till next time~

Jennifer Lonnberg

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