What does it mean when a reading seems negative?

A few days ago I got this question in my inbox:

Hi Jennifer, I was wondering if you could maybe clarify what you think when a negative word or phrase means when it comes up on a reading on a card. Deceit and envy is a pretty heavy thing and someone may get spooked by it.

This is referring to the weekly oracle cards I do on Mondays in my Embodied Grace Community

The card was – Card two: deception and envy…

So here’s the thing…Any time you get a reading that feels/sounds “negative” try to look inward and see why it feels negative or scary to you. The angels NEVER will give messages that create fear; instead it’s almost like what I would consider a weather forecast…it’s just to be aware. Self-Awareness is key to getting through life in a graceful way.

I know I mentioned in the extended Patreon reading that day that we need to remember that there is a spiritual war going on. Darkness wants to keep us afraid and confused and worried…because as long as we stay in those emotions/that vibration they can still try to control us and breed more and more of that lower vibration energy.

In this case for this reading part of the deception and envy may even have been internal. For example if you had gotten a message like this, maybe you aren’t truly listening to your inner guidance and you are deceiving yourself in thinking that you don’t need to change a bad habit. Or it could be that you’re deceiving yourself and staying in a job that isn’t good for you emotionally. There are so many things this could be.

Here are some of the comments I made that day in regards to that card:

  • Yes and keep in mind the deception can be media or darkness interfering
  • No fear girl just be aware, never go into fear with messages from the Divine. Just take it like a weather forecast so you’re ready if need be

As always it is important to look inward and see how you are reacting/responding to the message. If it’s a like a knee jerk reaction or fear based reaction… then it would be good to take a deep breath and ask yourself how you can respond differently with intention and awareness.

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Till next time~

Jennifer Lonnberg

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