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We are the Pleiadian of Council Light
This time on your planet is tedious and draining for many light workers. We know many of you have been preparing for this time and yet it seems to continually be delayed. What may have been meant for December 2012 has been rerouted to December 2021. Delays were decided to be the best option for humanity as a whole on your planet because the collective was not vibrational he prepared. The precision of quantum mathematical frequency determined that this 2012 sequence is the highest and best frequency for this massive shift.
Please know that your work as healers, intuitive, light workers, etc. to awaken and heal has not been in vain. The work you have done on this planet is applauded and respected throughout the galaxy.
Do not lose hope as the Time is near. This time that you called December 2021 is auspicious for the final completion of the rule of darkness.
Truth will begin to unfold and this is the time you were called into deeper service. Have compassion but also do not play into any victimhood as that does not support the collective awakening. The frequency of victimhood must be cleared/erased from the planet in order for earth to reach its full potential. Know that you are fully supported by the universe by way of celestial beings, spiritual laws and the overall design of this earth experience.
The frequency you know as Christ consciousness will support you as well. Many Galactic‘s now hold the Christic blueprint and Christ consciousness and are holding space for this planet. As you well know with that frequency in bedded into the earth plane it will be easier for others to rise to that frequency as well and as with harmonics will tune to the Christ consciousness.
This will be a simple, slight shift for some, but a massive shift for others. Again hold compassion for those who find this Time trying and tumultuous, but also hold them accountable for their own choices. It would be natural to feel as though some are lost but remember it is also a choice. Those who choose that path are free to do so. Again free will and free choice weren’t their decisions. They will continue their spiritual growth and ascension elsewhere be it another timeline or different dimension.
For those of you ushering in the 5D frequencies please practice extreme self-care. Disconnect from the collective frequencies as much as possible. Take care of your entire being from your physical vessel to your spiritual soul self as all will be shifting. Trust that you have an intrinsic knowing and that you must allow your body to remember the original light body blueprint. For many of you your crystalline DNA has already been activated and therefore the light frequencies and pulses are being well tolerated, but some of you are only now making the shifts to crystalline DNA which is paving the way for your light body to come fully online.
Take heart and remember that you are here for a reason and that the time is so very near replenish yourself and become ready.
We are with you.
The Pleiadian Council of light



Let’s start the year off right by diving into CREATING A LIFE YOU LOVE!!!
2022 is the year of anchoring in the new 5D way of being. It is about empowerment and understanding that you are SO MUCH MORE THAN “ONLY HUMAN”, but in order to fully step into divine alignment and begin to manifest the life we want, we have to master the human parts of us!

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