Subtle Energies can make BIG Shifts

My guides have been talking a lot about subtle energies.  The power lies in “slight awarenesses” right now.  Just the slightest differences in words can make the largest impacts. Subtle awarenesses can make BIG shifts

Subtle Energies can make BIG Shifts

Discernment vs Judgement

Ignorance vs Stupidity

Self care vs Self love

Awake vs Aware

Proud vs Prideful

All of these examples seem like synonyms, but energetically they are vastly different. As we move further into 5D energies my guides are saying that they subtleties are what will make the biggest impact.

This will be dramatically true when it comes to what you are creating in your life.  Pay attention to the words you speak and the emotions you feel.  If you think you “already know” everything but you’re not living the life you want, then there’s something missing. That missing piece might just be lying in the subtle energy.

You may think you’ve already done the work on setting boundaries, learning the law of attraction, creating your reality, releasing limiting beliefs, working with Spiritual laws…BUT again…if you’re not experiencing exactly what you want in life, while allowing for divine flow of course, then most likely the “thing” holding you back is hidden in the subtleties. 


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