Slowing Down

Message from Melchizedek

I actually had this in a blog last year, but when I changed my website over I lost quite a few of my blog posts.  My guides were urging me again to look in my old notebook and I found this message and they wanted me to bring it to you again today.


There is no fear in Love. 

There will be a slowing down to a more manageable rate for those of you on the earth plane.  There was a quickening that was necessary for some time.  It is now time for you to clearly know that you have a Divine Connection to the Universe and All that Is. Some of you will. not understand and will have tremendous fear.  Ir you are feeling fear your first step is to deepen your spiritual relationship and connection to God and the Divine.  Everything on this planet has purpose and divinity.  Much can be learned from the trees and animals and stars.  It is up to you to listen.


I was also given Revelations 2:10 and 1John 4:18

There is no fear in Love. 

Right now my guides are just saying slow down, and use this time during the pandemic to reconnect with yourself, reconnect to nature and to reconnect with the spiritual connection within.

Do not be afraid. Isaiah 41:10 


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Till next time~

Jennifer Lonnberg


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