Message from Mary Magdalene

November 12, 2021

Mary Magdalene channel

Remember that life will mirror to you exactly what you believe to be true.

This does not mean do not acknowledge emotions such as sadness or anger, as they are valid human emotions. However those emotions are meant to give you awareness that you are not in divine flow.

Returning to divine alignment after experiencing those emotions is best served by taking an honest look at what brought you to them.

Spiritual mastery comes from understanding human thoughts and emotions. It’s a paradox of sorts when you awaken to the truth of your divine self and you are in the midst of the human experience. Many try to bypass the converging of the two parts but skipping over the human refinement will not bring the ascension you seek.

True enlightenment comes by blending Spiritual and human essence into wholeness and coming into Divine union of self and love.



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