How Things Used To Be

We’re all in this together and panic isn’t going to help anyone.

There is definitely some strange energy in the air between all of the emotional energy, the fear on the news, and feeling of the unknown. Practicing being in this “now moment” will be the best way to stay centered and grounded.  Focus on your immediate reality.  This is really a big spiritual practice! It takes discipline to focus in the moment, and not worry about tomorrow or “how things used to be”. (Again, we’ve been talking about this for months on my Patreon channel.)

We’re all in this together 

The messages from my guides are to be flexible and adaptable.  

Coyote’s can show how to do this.  Think about it, they adapt to any situation and they’re not too fussy! They can live in any environment. (If you want to read more about Coyote Spirit Animal I found this resource.)

This is the moment where we are truly moving into a whole new reality, a whole new world (cue Disney’s Aladdin song!) None of us know what it will look like on the other side of this pandemic, or how long it will take, but I do know that my guides are showing me that it will be so much better when we make it through this.  Spiritual lessons often come in human difficulties.  If you can shift your focus, from why is this happening to me?; to what can this show me, what can I learn, how can I grow? You’ll have a much easier time navigating this next couple of years.  As we started talking about last August in my membership groups and the patreon channel, most of the structures as we know them are going to crumble…banks, schools, churches, and even government will be in for some huge overhauls and restructuring, because the way they operate now does not match the higher frequency energy that we are moving into.

As 3D dissolves and 5D comes in (meaning a higher spiritual understanding moving from survival into abundance and higher spiritual understanding) so must the structures that were built for survival be revamped to function in the higher frequency. 

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Till next time~

Jennifer Lonnberg


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