Generational Shadows

I can only live where there is light, but I die if the light shines on me. What am I?

A Shadow

My guides have been working with me and my clients the last year or so with generational healing. A lot of people in the collective (who have so much anger right now) are working from generational paradigms that have been passed down not only emotionally but energetically.

My first experience with this generational paradigms/patters/programming personally was years ago, while doing a bible study. One of the chapters was about Generational Sin.

… now first let me get this out of the way because it’s important to know what this word truly means:

I remember a sermon one time when the pastor was talking about what sin really means and it literally blew my mind to find out that the true origin of the word wasn’t what I knew it to be.

What is Generational Sin?

What I learned is that “sin” is archery term meaning “missed the mark”.

In both Hebrew and Greek, sin means “to miss the mark” and in both languages, it is an archery term.

“In Bible times when an archer shot at a target and missed you said “you missed the target’ by saying “you sinned.” It’s not that much different than a foul ball or a fault. Your task was to get something into a legal play area but because you didn’t hit, shoot, or throw straight it landed somewhere out of bounds.” (

SO basically, this is just saying we’ve gotten out of alignment with divine truth.

God / Source/ Universe (your term for higher power) is calling us to heal the energy of the past by truly understanding it and intentionally changing it within us. If each of us does our own healing then we begin to raise our own awareness and energy, call it ascension, or awakening… it’s all the same. I keep hearing younger generations saying they are WOKE but are they really? I’m not judging but if you really want to do the work, and be WOKE, then heal whatever you have inside that is missing the mark.

This is where the hard work comes in but it’s also the most transformational work you can do.

In light of what is showing up in our world right now let’s look at the energy of Prejudice and resentment. Prejudice can be learned but it can also be passed down unconsciously and energetically. (it’s been proven that DNA holds memory) It also goes both ways! This isn’t about white black brown or purple or green for that matter!! This is about our thoughts and beliefs. I’ve seen black people be prejudice of other races just as much as I’ve seen “Hispanics” (I honestly hate that term because it lumps a bunch of ethnicities together) be racist against white people. I’ve seen Native Americans be prejudice of other races and of course I’ve seen white people (again white… what does that even mean because there are tons of ethnicities that fall into “white”) Why in this day and age are we still DIVIDING people by classifications?

I am American because I was born in The United States of America. Which is why the whole census ethnicity section just blows my mind!

Let’s look at doing healing now to clear all of the negativity that we are seeing in the news. I still know with in my heart that most people are good. Don’t buy into the depth of the issue that is being portrayed by media. But since it’s showing up…let’s actually look at it.

Ask yourself:
What do I believe?
Why do I believe that?
Is that belief true?
Do I need or want to keep that belief?
Does this belief support the highest and best for all involved?
How could I transform this belief with love?

Am I judging or just observing?
Is there anything I can change within myself?

I’ll be following this up with a prayer / energy healing that you can find on my FB page.  If you would like to go even deeper and access the angelic healing session that goes along with the prayer please join my patreon channel.

Till next time~

Jennifer Lonnberg

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