Ascension Symptoms

Ascension Symptoms and what to do about them.

No You’re NOT crazy!

Ascension symptoms are real, and often can be confused for a cold or flu.

Here is a list of symptoms that are common with ascension:

  • Headaches /pressure in the head
  • Vision issues /blurred vision/ tired eye
  • Ears ringing/ pressure in ears (not tinnitus)
  • Body aches
  • A buzzing feeling
  • Vertigo/dizziness
  • Tired/drained/fatigued
  • Feeling overwhelmed/wide awake
  • Energy running “backwards”
  • Nausea/upset stomach/heartburn
  • Cold flashes / hot flashes
  • Crazy dreams
  • Achy-ness in arms legs knees wrists
  • Throat tightness/soreness
  • Unusual thoughts
  • Heart flutters / palpitations
  • Feeling clumsy
  • Not being able to complete a sentence/not understanding what someone says
  • Not relating to people the same way
  • Random emotions

We are literally being asked to embody new light energy.

We have to remember to look at ourselves as a whole being.

Physical/mental/emotional/spiritual/galactic energies are all at play

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