Always look for Truth

Last Monday I kept hearing :
“the truth is being distorted- biblical truth is being distorted- the truth is being distorted- biblical truth is being distorted”… over and over…

Always look for Truth

“Always look for Truth” was the over all theme of the message, and my guides and the Angels kept referring to self control, self discipline and self responsibility.

Now those of you who have been with me for awhile know that a couple of themes for 2020 are : “breaking the dysfunctional human condition” and “radical responsibility” so this message today totally resonates with that overall message of 2020.

I haven’t seen much news the last few weeks, but I do know that there have been riots and people are arguing, bickering, fighting, and pointing fingers everywhere and at everyone. I’ve even been accused of “gas lighting” but after researching the term I see that this is because in ANY SITUATION (let me repeat that…ANY situation) I ALWAYS point my clients back to self evaluation – because if your goal is Spiritual Growth, then everything is always a mirror.

My personal transformation came from complete self responsibility; and therefor any clients that I work with will be taught how to look within, to their own beliefs, their own actions, their own self responsibility. EVERYTHING that shows up in your life is your responsibility. That may sound like a harsh statement, but in basic spiritual laws – this is truth: We create our reality. This means that even if something bad happens to you, you have to take responsibility by saying, “Yes this happened to me, but I will not be a victim of it. I choose now to take responsibility and decide that it will not have control over my life. I will not let that determine how I choose to live.” By doing this, you come back into your own personal sovereignty.

THE FRONT PAGE OF MY WEBSITE literally says this: Put a hard stop to limiting beliefs and negative self talk so it no longer has any power over your life! I’m here to teach you how to tap into your own intuition, break negative self observance, and lean into the powerful gifts God has waiting for you!

Ok so back to the message…My guides led me into Jeremiah, Acts, Titus, 1 Timothy, and Isaiah. (In case you want to look these up – just look for self discipline in those books.)

As it relates to the current events, what they said is that instead of practicing self discipline over their emotions, people are giving in to uncontrolled outbursts of anger and frustration. Jeremiah 5:4 speaks of being poor and foolish, meaning that people are deluded deceived and lacking in knowledge, which is the circle back to the whole idea of the truth being distorted.

The thing is, most people don’t want to hear about self control. It is easier to blame (did you know that blame comes from the work blaspheme.) In Jeremiah 5 it talks about when truth was found lacking in Judah God “punished” the people and instead of responding with remorse and repentance they acted out in rebellion. My guides are saying this is what is happening with the riots. Collectively people are acting out in rebellion.

We need to “course correct” by understanding self discipline, and self responsibility.

Now the last statement that my guides left me with was

“They have lied about the truth.”

Keep in mind the previous Wednesday, my guides said “there is a lot hidden. Something will be unearthed and masks will come off.”

Until then, practice self discipline…

Till next time~

Jennifer Lonnberg

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