After the Eclipses May 2022

How are you holding up since the eclipses? This energy was prime for transformation …all to help us come back into alignment with our true self.

I see now what my guides were talking about when they said this year would be about :


Restoration re-creation reconciliation with our soul self, essentially bringing in a sacred union within ourselves with our spiritual essence/soul/higher self and our human.

I got a download from my guides today that this next six weeks will be perfect for really tuning into our “new” self. What have you healed this last few weeks that makes you feel like you have a whole new outlook?

Are you embracing yourself more? Honoring your own needs/wants?
​Maybe even allowing yourself to want / need something for yourself for the first time in your life?
One of the things I’m realizing is that I feel a reigniting of my message about being Christian and Psychic. We are all being called to truly understand our spiritual nature in deeper ways. Again I totally feel that finally facing my psychic abilities brought me into an even deeper relationship with God, a deeper appreciation for the Bible and a higher understanding of what Jesus did for us. The christ-consciousness energy is all about true divine alignment.

It’s brilliant and wonderful and makes my heart sing with renewed hope.

I want you to also know the brilliance of your spiritual gifts (in whatever way they are showing up for you).


Sending lots of love your way


Till next time~

Jennifer Lonnberg

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