Hi! I’m Jennifer

I love God.  I walk daily with Jesus, AND I’m also Intuitive – psychic-  Clairvoyant. I see, hear, and know things that most other people don’t.

When I was young I saw Angels and Jesus and when we sang “He walks with me and he talks with me…” I didn’t realize other people in my church didn’t actually see Jesus and the Angels like I did!

Somewhere along the way I realized that many people thought that being psychic was mostly evil, so I was really afraid to let anyone know that I had these abilities.

I remember a specific experience when I realized that I had to be very careful with who I talked to about what I could see. (Long story but I was approximately 14 and it was a youth group event disguised as a “halloween party” where they basically told us we were all going to Hell for celebrating halloween.) 

At one point in life I finally screamed out to God and said “YOU did this to me, either show me what you want me to do with it, or take it away!”

Needless to say, Angels started flooding in, giving me their guidance; I started hearing and seeing things in the spiritual realm much more clearly and I was called to start helping other people discover their own unique spiritual gifts! I am also blessed to be able to help others with guidance through psychic readings and offer divine guidance from their personal guides and angels.

About Jennifer

Spiritual Teacher, Galactic Guide, Energy Healer, Speaker and Author of Embodied Grace, Jennifer Lonnberg struggled with the pain and debilitating anxiety that came from a life of negative thinking and self-doubt, due to growing up with psychic gifts, and not knowing what to do with them. After battling the anxiety that came from a life of negative thinking and self-doubt, she kept wondering: Why can life be so miserable? Is “just getting by” all we can hope for? Is a life of joy and abundance unrealistic? Can I really be me? Doesn’t God want more for us than this?

Go deep within your soul and trust ~ Jennifer

Jennifer is a leader in the self-discovery movement. She is passionate about sharing her story of transformation, and how anyone, regardless of their circumstances, and challenges can begin today to create the life they have always dreamed. Through her workshops, retreats, conferences, and books, she inspires and empowers women to heal by breaking out of the patterns of limiting beliefs, negative thinking and self-doubt by delivering the actual “how to steps” that many speakers leave out!
As her passion for sharing her message expanded, Jennifer created “Embodied Grace: A Woman’s Path to Empowerment” – a book dedicated to helping women find freedom and success by identifying their self-worth, aligning their true desires with intentional daily actionable steps and claiming the right to drive their own personal transformation.

Jennifer then released her second book “The Secret Experiences of a Closet Psychic: Yes Christians can be Psychic” to bring awareness and discussion about spiritual gifts and psychic abilities.

Jennifer teaches and guides her audiences to understanding how the brain/mind works, identifying subconscious roadblocks, defining the “Nasty Little Mean Girl” and helping them recognize and heal limiting beliefs and patterns of negative self talk.

She empowers her audiences to become their best selves. Whether it is in their personal lives, relationships, health, or businesses, she provides the roadmap on how to peel back the layers and overcome obstacles.

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