Set Apart

Many of us – if we have a Christian background – have heard the topic of “being set apart”

  • You are set apart
  • Be in this world but not of it
  • Do not conform to the ways of the world
Being set apart means making choices
that don’t necessarily align with the collective.


This is understanding that when you operate from the frequency of love, you show up differently.  Your life unfolds differently.  And there is almost a guarantee that when you choose to operate from that frequency people will not understand.

They won’t understand your boundaries
They won’t understand your priorities
They won’t understand why you don’t get upset about the media and policitics
They won’t understand your “motives.”

The contrast of living from a spiritual perspective doesn’t make sense to others who are not “spiritually awake”

Please note :  this is NOT judgement or a contest of who is awake or who isn’t! This is about you choosing to choose how you live your life, and how you make your choices.

Till next time~

Jennifer Lonnberg

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Jennifer Lonnberg is an author, speaker, and spiritual teacher who specializes in helping people to awaken to their spiritual selves and to live a more conscious and fulfilling life. She is the author of several books, including “The Secret Experiences of a Closet Psychic” which is available on Amazon.
In the book, Jennifer Lonnberg shares her personal journey of discovering and embracing her psychic abilities, which she had kept hidden for many years. She describes her experiences with psychic phenomena, including premonitions, visions, and communication with spirits, and how she came to accept and develop her psychic gifts.
Overall, Jennifer Lonnberg’s work focuses on helping people to tap into their intuition and higher consciousness in order to live a more fulfilling life.

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