What to Expect when you have an Energy Healing Session

What to expect when you have an energy healing session with Jennifer.

Energy work is deep healing work that is esoteric in Nature. I am a Reiki Master and have been given instructions for energy healing directly from my guides and angels.

The way I understand this is similar to laying on of hands for healing in the Bible, only you do not have to physically touch the person for the healing to occur.

Energy healing is sacred and also very powerful.

During an energy healing session or energy work, I recommended you find a quiet place to relax, either lying down or sitting in a comfortable position.

(all of my sessions are currently considered “distance healing” meaning we don’t have to be in the same room as we would for an in person session.  Don’t worry the healing will take place and likely you will feel the energy moving even ‘from a distance.’) 

You may feel many different sensations in your body including cool/warmth, tingling, truth bumps, lightheaded or dizzy, and you may even feel a sensation of strings being pulled out!

Do you remember the game when you were a kid where you’d make a fist and then try to pull the string out of your hand? LOL Just me??

You may also notice a sudden shift in emotions ranging from sadness, needing to cry, calmness, peacefulness or a deep sense or relaxation or letting go.

These are all natural responses to energy work. When this happens, it’s an indication that energy is moving and clearing.

After a session Plan to drink plenty of water and give yourself time to relax. Also after a session, you may continue to have emotional release, or a sensation of newfound happiness and freedom and your body could feel as though you just had physical therapy or a deep tissue massage …muscle soreness can be a part of this too. All of these “symptoms” should release within 2/3 days. (Just know that it is normal.)


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