all of the moving parts of multidimensionality

Let’s face it … sometimes being human can be difficult.

Spiritual Realities, Timelines, Different dimensions, Angels, Demons, and the human experience can be a lot to deal with.

One of the things that’s been coming up lately is my guides and angels reminding me how important it is to know what our weak link is…

What is your Achilles heel?  (knowing this will help you know your weakness and where you might fall prey to spiritual attack)

Mine is when I get sick… I get run down and then begin to feel disappointed and then *bam*… that makes me prime for spiritual attack.  This isn’t anything I haven’t shared before. I talk about this often in the Embodied Grace Community fb group and on my FB page and Instagram (and even recently I started a tiktok channel)



I  think we forget that Satan is the “god of this age”
and does have authority on this plane of existence.

I think sometimes we forget that the darkness is real and will “mess with us” in seemingly insignificant ways like :


The important thing to remember is to be discerning.

Is this mine? Is a powerful question to work with because sometimes it is actually spiritual attack, a dark entity trying to influence you.

I know many psychics don’t talk about this, and many don’t even believe in the dark spirits, but I am Christian and I can tell you I have seen too many instances where dark entities/ evil spirits have been afflicting humans.


Again we have to use discernment, because like my guides have always said we have to know if the issue is Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual or Galactic and know if it is something that needs to be cast out.


Is this a

physical issue – infection, not enough sleep, dehydration etc

mental issue – your self talk, beliefs etc

emotional issue – wounding, unprocessed emotions, trauma, etc

spiritual – is it a dark entity,  is it a cord, karma, generational curse, etc

galactic – is the galactic weather causing pain and anxiety (solar flares, geomagnetic storms, etc)

Once you discern and understand what you are dealing with you can then address it, cast it out, heal it, or process it.


Either way, put on the full armor of God and be diligent in your faith.



Till next time~

Jennifer Lonnberg

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