Let’s talk Astrology

I have always had the idea that God wouldn’t “throw us down here” with out any help… He gave us the Bible as a life manual of sorts and I feel like the stars give us a map. The more I learn about astrology the more amazed I am with the intricacies and details that God used as he created mankind as a whole and especially each one of us individually.

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On a personal note, I felt relieved and supported the first time I experienced a full astrology report. I felt validated and to be completely transparent some of the traits I didn’t really like about myself became assets instead of detriments – once I understood them more fully. I learned the truth about how those traits could become strengths, when I was able to properly understand them. If you’re new to astrology get your free guide to Understanding Astrology Basics or order your personal chart!

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Jennifer Lonnberg

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