“The Ascension Club”

You are being called to lead with POWER & GRACE!

You understand that there is more to this life than being human; and you know that there are energies that are effecting our life on this planet.

If you would benefit from extra guidance and support each month around the topics of ascension, spiritual awakening, astrology, angelic energy and celestial beings, then this membership is for you!

 Progress through your Spiritual Ascension with ease and grace!

This membership is a safe place for you to have support and ask the hard questions! YOU don’t have to “go it alone! Join Jennifer and her spirit team “The Celestials” for dependable insights on how to navigate the Age of Aquarius.

We’re being called to AWAKEN humanity!

This membership offers dependable support as you walk through the energetic upgrades and move into our multidimensional reality .

This membership is for you

whether you’re new on the journey or

seasoned on your spiritual path, because as you know

we’re constantly in ebbs and flow in life.

If you’re a healer, teacher, wayshower, intuitive, energy worker, empath
holistic practitioner, medium, reader, etc.

If you’re drawn to words like:  Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters; Awakening; Law of Attraction; Astrology;  Ascension; Raising your Vibration; Discernment; Chakras; Spiritual Gifts; Frequency; Alignment

The messages, meditations, activations and astro-energy updates from the Celestials will help you on your journey of ascension, and help you maintain your vibration so that you can fully show up for yourself (and your clients).


Here’s what’s Included:

  • Membership Calls Q&A Live calls with Jennifer
  • Spiritual Development Training
  • Divine Guidance oracle card reading with the Angels
  • Channeled Messages from “the Celestials
  • Astrology and Energy Updates
  • Monthly Meditations, Energy Healing and Angelic Activations

  • Exclusive discounts

You shouldn’t have to “go it alone” in your spiritual journey.  That’s why this membership offers member calls and training videos to support you.  We discuss anything and everything “woo”…  and life… and nothing is off the table.  This is THE place to talk about all things Life and Spirituality.

If you are “new” on the spiritual awakening journey; if you’re struggling with being christian and psychic; if you’re discovering your gifts; or new abilities are being activated for you, then the Spiritual Development trainings and Divine Life Coaching  are for you!

If you’ve been in “the game” for awhile and you’re expanding into galactic, multidimensional and other higher frequencies, or if you have a business using your gifts, you may not need the spiritual development calls but you’re always welcome to attend, AND the open Q&A  Member calls are for you!

I channel my guides directly to answer your questions and these calls are where we talk about what we’re currently experiencing in the energies and how to best navigate the ascension upgrades.

The channeled messages, oracle cards and energy updates are for ALL of us!

what happens in ascension club stays in ascension club! LOL Just kidding, but this is a safe place to share the journey of awakening, spiritual upgrades, and esoteric/metaphysical experiences. 

Hello there!  Nice to meet you! I’m Jennifer.

I was born psychic and able to see other energies.

After years of struggle, I finally accepted it as a gift instead of a curse.

I had tried to choke the psychic part down, tried to pretend it wasn’t there, tried to hide it, but eventually I had an argument with God (it felt like a knock down drag out fight!) and told Him “You did this to me! Show me what to do or take it away!” And that was when everything became crystal clear. “Show me what to do” was the key that unlocked my path.

What people are saying

WOW Jennifer Lonnberg! You were really letting Spirit speak <3 You are a vital connection for all who truly desire God with all their heart, mind and soul. I am learning so much from you, exactly as you presented. Your gift to take anyone through the misunderstandings to their deepest desires to discover a life they want to live is exceptional.

— Thank you!!!

 ” Jennifer is able to do remote clearing of chakras and auras, she receive messages from the spiritual realm, and teaches at whatever level I and others require!  I highly recommend this membership

— Highly Recommend

“Jennifer offers us a safe space and is very adept at helping those who, like me, need practical answers and gentile encouragement that it all works out just fine when we worry less, listen more, and do what feels best and right for our happiness. Jennifer is respectful of every belief background...

— Thank you for your honesty and transparency

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