Spiritual Hygiene… just do it

Spiritual Hygiene what is it? and why do we need to do it? 

What is it?

Spiritual hygiene is just like regular hygiene… You brush your teeth, brush your hair and take a shower… to take care of your physical body, so now we need to add the daily step of energy/spiritual hygiene.  Spiritual hygiene is balancing your own energy, being grounded, doing daily meditation to be connected to your guides and angels along with getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and really beginning to understand your spiritual gifts.

Remember that God is love.  And Love is the answer.  

Why do we need to do it? 

We have to remember that there is a Spiritual war going on.  If you’re awake to understanding that the spiritual realm is real, then you need to be doing spiritual hygiene daily!

It is time to be aware of your own space and your own energy so that you’ll stay clear of entities and negativity.

Take time to put on your armor. Take time to clear your space. Take time to meditate. Take salt baths. Take time to pray. Take time to forgive.

5D is going to be an internal shift in how YOU interpret/perceive/experience life. NOW would be a good time to refresh or renew your your spiritual hygiene practice to keep your energy high and your auric field clear. Be aware of the lower vibrational energies and “dust bunnies.”

If you want you can also revisit this video from a couple of years ago:



There is no fear in love. 1 John 4:18

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