Psychic attack

I’ve been getting questions about Psychic attack and Energy vampires.
Most generally Psychic Attack is just negative energy that you are feeling. Words and thoughts are energy, so if a negative thought is DIRECTED AT YOU, sometimes you can feel it. If you do feel it do some energy work to release it.
I think a lot of the time this is not intentional…you’re just feeling that persons negativity.
Many people are waking up to the subtle energies, so if you’re feeling as though you’re experiencing “psychic attack” more often, it’s time to upgrade your Spiritual Hygiene. Do a daily “energy sweep” you can do this in the shower by imagining that the water is infused with violet healing energy and that it’s clearing your energy and aura as you shower, or listening to a clearing meditation.
The thing is~ You’re not imagining it. This kind of negative energy is real. You’re not crazy!  It’s all going to be ok!
I will add that “dark magic” – voodoo, hexing, curses, etc – can be real but it’s not nearly as common as just negative energy in my experience
Use this free meditation to clear the negative energy :



There is no fear in love. 1 John 4:18

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