Process of Awakening

This morning my guides are reminding me that <everything> is a “Vibrational State of Being”


And they wanted me to bring you this message about the Process of Awakening  (this is just a quick overview – not end all be all)

Here are some of the things you might experience in your own spiritual awakening/ascension.

  • Feeling like something is missing. Having an inkling that you’re being called to something, soul searching, a feeling of being ready for something new in your life
  • Learning boundaries/codependency, detaching from others, learning to bubble your energy, stop blaming others for where you are in your life
  • Doing your own spiritual work, reconnecting to your soul, divine spark,
  • Healing wounds and learning to forgive, healing through forgiveness
  • Understanding paradigms/patterns/programs
  • Learning to be aware of your own thoughts and that your thoughts create your own reality – thoughts become things, law of attraction, manifesting
  • Seeing how emotions work within yourself, learning to work with emotions and process them fully
  • New level of “bubbling” your energy for a level of discernment and to gauge truth
  • Understanding there is no need for fear
  • Strengthening your own light, and shining brightly
  • Expanding light to encompass everything without having to match it vibrationally, shining light, knowing you don’t have to judge anything
  • Truly understanding that everything is a vibrational state of being

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