Abundance is our true natural state

Channeled Message – Thursday, April 22nd, 2021.

I just want to give you a little bit of a preface to this message I have been working with the Celestials (which is a group – a combination of all of my guides which include Jesus, Angels and other light beings).

I have guides that are angels. (I’ve worked with most of the arch angels.) Jesus is one of my main guides. I have worked with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, and some galactic beings. What’s interesting is the last the last few weeks for me, the Galactic’s are coming through the strongest.

It’s  almost like what I’m feeling is like the angels and all of the celestial beings in that realm are doing everything they can in the Spiritual plane. And now it’s time for the higher galactic beings to intervene and help humanity. What they are here to help with is a little bit beyond the scope of what the angels help with because the angels are really meant for Earth and for us personally, as humans,  to be our personal guides while we’re in our earthly experience. The galactic energy that’s coming in is a little bit of a higher frequency, and it’s a little bit different. The Galactic’s hold a state of unconditional love to where they don’t even understand if you are asking about something that isn’t in alignment with unconditional love.


There’s nothing else. God’s love is omnipotent.


Like they don’t comprehend that there isn’t unconditional love because the only vibration that they understand is unconditional abundance, unconditional love, unconditional joy and happiness …And it just is.


And, and they called this actually a message for humanity. It is a powerful message. So take a deep breath, get centered into your heart space. I feel like this could be an activation of sorts just because the energy is so strong and so intense. And so I want you to hear this, not only with your ears, not only with your mind, but also with your heart, because the heart is where we anchor our truth.


Now, if this feels like this message might be an activation for you, breathe into it, feel into it, listen to it again. If you need to however, this comes through for you.


“How many times must you hear do not fear before you actually do not fear? Your planet is plagued by fear and corruption. Your true divine state is abundance, joy, and love. Yet many of you are blinded from this truth. You fear to believe, but in order to believe, you must not fear. This is your conundrum.

You have been told through the ancient texts, that the keys to unlocking freedom and truth that you desire yet, you do not believe due to fear. You do not dare to break free from conformity. The ones who have broken the spell and have aligned with divine laws are looked upon with dismay and even disgust for how dare they want to end desire more than anyone else.

For those of you listening today, congratulations on taking the first steps to breaking free from enslavement, by the darkness. You are on your path to leaving the rat race, and instead aligning with the truth of the universal laws. The highest and best thing you can do for humanity is break the cycle yourself because the more that step into the divine truth, the easier it is for others to resonate at that frequency.

You all emit frequency through thoughts and emotions. You must choose to break the cycle with the frequency that is considered “normal” on your planet. The greatest teachers of your written history did not conform. Jesus The Christ taught that God will bless you abundantly, and that you will all have what you all need.

What brings you joy will bring you abundance. God will meet all your needs. Why do you not believe? You do not believe this because it is easier for you to believe that you cannot have, it is up to you to decide whether you listen to fear or truth.

We have been trying to get this message to you, that what you see and what you believe is what’s holding you back from divine truth. You must be willing to break this curse. You must be willing to step into the truth of the divine spiritual laws, for with you holds the key to releasing humanity. It is time for abundance to be the common state. It is time for abundance and happiness to be the common frequency that is resonated throughout this planet. The darkness has held you down for they are wanting and willing to control. Your willingness to participate was not intentional, but now you have to choose to no longer be willing, open your eyes and your heart so that you may be free from this corruption.”


You all know that I am Christian and that’s my background and reference for perceptions and that’s where I draw my strength from, and here’s the thing:

ALL of the celestial  / galactic being that I have experienced have had a true and solid unwavering reverence for God, the Source of all that is.

And this to me feels like a Moses moment. Like this is literally like we’re on the precipice of really honestly finally changing the way that humanity as a whole even works, how the collective works and how we do life on this planet.

And, you know, Jesus did teach us that God is going to bless us abundantly. And you know, it said that the Lord will open the heavens. It’s saying that good and perfect gifts come from God.

It said that what’s in our heart and mind is what we bring forth.


Basically this message is saying that God will meet all of our needs. But what’s really interesting is that I think we don’t realize that  what brings us joy is what brings us abundance.


I know for me personally, this was something that I struggled with because I was raised probably like a lot of you listening or reading this : don’t want too much and just be grateful for what you have.

And I know some of you have probably heard me talk about this before, when it comes to life coaching andbusiness coaching, and teaching about abundance and money mindset and things like that. I kind of joke because I say it doesn’t matter if you want $800 or $8,000, because to God it’s the same… because money doesn’t really mean anything. It’s energy.

Money’s purpose is about the experience and the joy and the happiness that comes with it. And you guys, I have seen in my own life, just the difference that it makes when you can start to switch your thinking and your mindset about what abundance is and what money is and how it works. My guides have been saying, time is money is energy. So, where you’re spending your time and where you’re spending your energy is going to correlate with the money that you have. I remember just wanting enough to have a little bit extra so that we could like go to Starbucks when we wanted and not have to worry about it or so that I could buy the kids shoes when they needed it. Because they played sports and needed orthotics because of his feet. I didn’t want to just get cheap shoes because I knew for their long term health it would be that they needed the better shoes that you could take the sole out of and put the inserts in. And I remember in the very beginning thinking, what am I going to have to cut back on? Where can I squeeze my budget so that I can find this stuff…Well, what I’ve learned along the way is that is not the thinking that God wants us to have. He wants us to say, my kid needs this. This is what he/she needs for his physical health and wellbeing.

So therefore, I know that God’s going to give me what I need.


And so, it’s our own mess, our own limiting beliefs, our own twisted up thinking that we’ve been taught. And again, it’s nobody’s fault. This is just the way that we’ve experienced life on this planet. You  have to do the work around this. You can’t just all of a sudden one day decide “you know what, I’m just going to spend whatever the hell I want and it’s going to be okay”. That’s not how it works!! You will get yourself in a mess if you do that.

So, for me, it’s been slow and steady building of trust that  the money will show up.

I’ve had to the build the faith and the trust.


So do the work, you guys, do the work that it takes to change the beliefs that you have around what abundance is in the first place, do the work to change your mind set about what it means to have plenty of money anywhere you’re judging people that have money. I know in the message above they talked about people that have broken out of the cycle.


They said “the ones who have broken the spell and have aligned with divine laws are looked upon with dismay and even disgust”, people are like how dare they be rich? How dare they desire luxury things? How dare they do that.


When I read the scripture, the things that Jesus taught us, I’m like, where did we ever believe that we couldn’t desire better things. It has been so twisted and so tweaked.


For myself, the money mindset that I have done, the work that I’ve done on limiting beliefs. And learning to be more focused on what is the experience that you want to have instead of what is the money I need, it changes everything.

You guys, seriously… it changes everything. It changes how far the physical money will stretch. It changes the way things show up. I actually I have some personal examples of this.

For example, a couple of years ago, when we went to Hawaii, it was like, well, this is what we want to experience. We didn’t even think about how much was going to cost. We were like, this is what we want to experience. And we gave it to the travel agent. And in my mind I had a budget, but I didn’t tell her. And everything came back within that budget!! Everything on the list that we wanted to do. As a matter of fact, we took a couple of things out because time-wise would have just been running ourselves ragged. So, we had this beautiful experience and it worked within our budget. Whereas if I would have gotten in the way and let my mind say, Oh no, I only have this amount of money. So I’m not going to be able to do all the things. I’m not going to be able to experience everything I want on vacation because I know I’m not going to have the money. That’s exactly what would have happened. But because I’ve been working on the mindset because I’ve been learning universal laws and spiritual laws,  it literally came in within our budget, which was a metaphysical phenomenon!! What a blessing! That is manifestation. That is a miracle. Whatever you want to label that’s what it is. That is God working abundance because we weren’t focused on lack. We were focused on having fun and experiencing life in the fullest that we could living abundantly, living enjoy.


When you believe it, God will open up the heavens and you will be able to experience life as you want. Now again, you guys, I do want to say, be realistic about it. You know what I mean? Like it’s, it’s not like you’re never going to have a bad day, because that’s just not realistic being a human. It’s just not.


It’s all about being in divine flow… it’s all about contraction and expansion, but I’m telling you 90% of it is mindset.




And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

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