Christian and Psychic – Jennifer Lonnberg

Hi, I’m Jennifer! I am Christian; I love God and Jesus, AND I’m also Intuitive -Psychic- Clairvoyant. I see, hear, and know things that most other people don’t!

When I was young I saw Angels and Jesus and when we sang “He walks with me and he talks with me…” I didn’t realize other people in my church didn’t actually see Jesus and the Angels like I did!

Somewhere along the way I realized that most “Church people” thought that being psychic was evil. I was really afraid to let anyone know.

I don’t know at what age, but at some point I realized that I had to be very careful with who I talked to about what I could see.

There were plenty of moments I really did think this was a curse!

Pretending to be “Normal”

For years, I tried to pretend that I was “normal”, desperate to stop seeing, feeling, and hearing outside the physical, I taught Sunday school and went to church regularly, but the experiences would still happen… experiences I couldn’t choke down or deny. Trying to balance the act of appearing “normal”, my anxiety kicked in full force!

After what felt like a lifetime of hiding my psychic gifts, I couldn’t take it any more! I had a knock down drag out fight with God! I told Him…

“YOU did this to me, either show me what you want me to do with it, or take it away!”

Needless to say, He didn’t take it away…He made it stronger.  Angels started flooding in, giving me guidance; I started hearing and seeing things in the spiritual realms much more clearly! I feel like I have been on a lit up runway ever since. Following my Divine Path, and experiencing much more ease and grace in my life. 

My Core Beliefs

If you and God are good, nothing else matters!

That “funny feeling” in your stomach isn’t really just a funny feeling, it is the Holy Spirit and your Angels trying to help guide you. God makes no mistakes, your gifts are intentional!

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